About Us

JEL Manufacturing LLC

Manufacturer of Decumulator™ and Acumulator™ ready mix and precast concrete plants. We manufacturer a variety of high quality concrete plants at very affordable prices.  Unlike other lower cost concrete plants, our plants are made in the USA, with steel and components made in the USA.

Established in 2013 by a group of concrete plant engineering and manufacturing professionals, JEL Manufacturing is anything but a young or inexperienced company. Our engineering team boasts over 55 years combined industry concrete batch plant experience, and our senior management team has nearly 70 years of combined experience working specifically with design, manufacture and operation of concrete batch plants in both the ready mix and precast industries.

Each of our competitors manufacturers’ a unique concrete plant they claim is the best for one reason or another.  When you do your research you will find most manufacturers are working with the same thickness steel, similar angles, and similar principles of operations.  Most batch plants work great!  JEL Manufacturing hasn’t re-designed the concrete plant.  We are building the same types of concrete plants as eveyone else using some of the very engineers and manufacturing professionals who contributed to our competitors designs and equipment!

What makes JEL Manufacturing unique is our founders organized the company with the idea of streamlining the design and manufacture of concrete plants with modern day lean design and manufacturing principles.  Each of our base product series design allows additional product to be build from them. From streamlined sales process to common components used across our product lines, we manufacture with lean principles in mind. All combined, JEL Manufacturing has figured out how to manufacture a high quality concrete plant at a very reasonable price.

What’s In It For You?

You get a high quality concrete plant.  Made with the same principles and material types as our competitors, only you pay less!  Our plant will last as long as others and have about the same maintenance as other concrete plants for sale, only you pay less!

  1. You pay less for your plant upfront
  2. Shorten your ROI
  3. Increase profit – in your pocket