Ready Mix

Decumulator ™ Concrete Plants, named for their decumulative weighing method are among the most versatile concrete plants manufactured today. The Decumulator’s decumulative weighing (reverse weighing) aggregate bins are the workhorse of these concrete plants. This bin design serves as the base platform of more than 10 of JEL Manufacturing’s products.

Not all Decumulators are created equal!

High Production Decumulator ™ Concrete Plant

Properly configured a high production Decumulator ™ can produce more than 150 cu. yards of conrete per hour.  This plant offers higher production than any other plant because each aggregate is on its own scale enabling us to discharge all three materials at one time.  Traditional accumulative weighing concrete plants discharge one material into a scale at one time, then charge the truck.  If you are using 2 aggregates, our high production Decumulator™ can often do the batch in ½ the time of an accumulative plant.

Low Production Decumulator ™ Concrete Plant

Budget conscious and smaller markets are ideal for our lower production Decumulator ™ Concrete Plants. These plants use specially configured Decumulator ™ aggregate bins to hold and weigh more than one aggregate in each hopper while still having has much as 20 tons of storage for each material!

These are small concrete plants with lower hourly production, but you can get an amazing concrete plant at an amazing price.

Ready Mix Decumulator ™ Concrete Plant

Great for Ready Mix Operations!  Configured to discharge materials directly into your front or rear discharge mixer trucks for transport to the job or customer.

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